Your Water Bottle Is Gross

You may want to rethink the drinking glass thing.

While you may think your water bottle use is helpful… and it is…it still puts your health at risk. A new study says your refillable water bottle may be dirtier than your dog's bone. A team from the website treadmill-reviews-dot-net swabbed the lids of 12 water bottles used by athletes. Each bottle contained about one-thousand times more bacteria than an average dog toy.

The study found that the average athlete’s water bottle had 313,499 CFU (colony-forming units of bacteria). In comparison the average dog toy has 2,937.

Water bottles with a straw top were the cleanest, and slide tops were the germiest. Health experts say you probably won't get sick from your water bottle, but it is important to wash it regularly.

If you leave the bottles in your car or sitting around, get them into your dishwasher. Source: Fox News

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