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While getting all of your family together for Thanksgiving can be great, there’s no doubt there’s lots of potential for arguments and sticky situations when it comes to holiday conversation. For this reason, it’s not surprising that for some folks certain topics are off limits at the Thanksgiving table.

According to a new survey, 36% of Americans say talking politics is strictly off limits over Thanksgiving, which is up from 30% last year. Meanwhile, only 41% of people will be okay talking football, which is a decrease from 47% last year, likely because of all the politics surrounding the NFL/National Anthem debate. 

And while Thanksgiving is all about family, people are divided on how they feel about their brood over the holiday season. Overall, family is still the number one reason people give thanks over the holidays, although it is also the largest stressor.

  • But while there may be some fights at the table, one thing people won’t be arguing about is the food. The survey finds that 96% of people will have a turkey on the table this Thanksgiving. Other dishes most people agree on for Thanksgiving include:
  • Mashed potatoes (78%)
  • Pie (77%)
  • Dinner rolls (67%)
  • Homemade stuffing (67%) 

And for those 77% serving pie, pumpkin is the most likely to be served (44%), followed by apple (29%) and pecan (19%).

Source: Yahoo Finance 

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