People Are Paying $1,000 For Upside Down Christmas Trees

Upside down Christmas trees are sprouting up at hotels and department stores, on sale for upwards of $500 at Target and Home Depot and causing quite the spectacle. For the balancing act to work, trees are hung from the ceiling with the top of the tree touching the ground. Some have been using stands to hold the narrow tip of the Christmas tree. The artificial Douglas Fir-looking trees come sans pine needle clean up on sale at stores like Walmart, which nearly sold out of its Champagne-colored $250 upside down tree. Kohl’s has a 7.5-foot one that comes pre-lit for $450 and one in the same size without lights is a little more than $1,000 at Target. A cheaper 7-foot-3 tree is $160 at Home Depot.

  • What do you think about upside down Christmas Trees? Hot or not?


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