Dear Dave: Will I Be Judged If I Outfit Repeat at Work?

Hey guys this is Steve. I’m a first time emailer and long time listener. I’m wondering if you could give me your opinion on repeating outfits at work in the same week? Is it okay or should you never repeat the same week?

I’m asking because I started a new job recently and my fiancé noticed that I was wearing the same shirt Friday that I wore on Monday. She said it’s never okay to repeat the same shirt in the same week. I told her I didn’t have many dress shirts and all the other ones were really dirty. She told me to Febreeze one I didn’t wear this week because it’s better to smell like Febreeze than to repeat shirts.

Is it okay for guys to repeat shirts or outfits in the same workweek but not okay for women to repeat? Is she right and I should never repeat shirts?


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