SodaStream Figures Out How To Turn Water Into Wine

Living in the wine generation the idea of being able to make your own at home sounds ideal, right? SodaStream recently launched an alcohol concentrate called Sparkling Gold, and it does just that. It turns your water into wine!

Unfortunately the 'alcoholic concentrate' is only available in Germany at the moment without any plan yet for other markets, but let's face it - if it's good and it's a hit, it'll make it here. In the meantime, there are other ways to create fizzy alcoholic beverages in your SodaStream this holiday:

Simply pour a white wine into the device, fire up the machine, and you will have a sparkling wine that tastes like Champagne.

If you’re looking for a fizzy mixed drink you can always combine your favorite mixer, hard alcohol, and the carbonate to create a variety of cocktail options.

Source: Daily Mail

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