There’s A Jumbo Mattress For Co-Sleeping Families Now

Whether or not you agree with the practice, a lot of families out there are co-sleeping with their kids. This usually involves a couple kids along with a couple parents squeezing into a regular-sized bed every night, which can make it a little tough to get good rest, what with all the squirming. So one company has created giant mattresses that are ideal when you’re trying to accommodate a family of five.

The Ace Collection makes a supersized line of mattresses and the bedding to go with it. They currently offer three sizes in the collectionand they’re all larger than a king-sized mattress, but it’s the Ace Family bed that’s really impressive, even if you might have to knock down a wall to make it fit in your bedroom.

The Ace Family is 144-inches wide and 80-inches long and to compare, a typical mattress is 76-inches wide, so this is almost double that. Sounds just about perfect for a couple of parents and their kids to have enough room to stretch out and actually sleep comfortably.

Of course, all that luxurious mattress space doesn’t come cheap. The Ace Collection mattresses range from $2,000 to $4,000 and that’s not counting the bedding, which of course you’d have to order from them because who else makes sheets twice as wide as king-sized? But don’t worry, they sell a sheet set with a duvet cover in 500 thread count for the Ace Family bed for just $2,965, so you’re all set.

Source: The Stir

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