How Offices Are Treating Employees This Holiday Season

While most people love the holiday season, it isn’t always so pleasant when you have to work during it, although according to a new survey, lots of companies are doing their best to make the holiday season a good one. 

According to a new poll, 76% of organizations will host one or more holiday parties this seasopn, with 96% of those companies paying for the party in ful. Of course, most of those parties will involve some booze, with 77% of company-sponsored bashes serving alcohol and of those companies serving booze, 86% will have some safeguards in place to watch out for those who imbibe too much, like say having bartenders monitor drinks or offering cabs or ridesharing home.

Most offices will also be giving their employees off for the major holidays, with 48% of employers providing paid time off for three or more days, with 97% giving people Christmas Day off, and 36% giving employees the Tuesday following the holiday off as well. When it comes to New Years, 97% of employees will have New Years Day off, while 32% will also get Friday, December 28th off.

  • As for actual tangible holiday benefits, about 39% of companies will give gifts or bonuses to employees, with 30% giving bonuses, and about 10% giving merchandise, gift cards or gift certificates. On average, employers will spend about $35 on gifts and $450 when it comes to cash, which is a decrease from last year.

Source: Bloomberg BNA


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