Things You Shouldn't Waste Your Money On Over The Holidays

For most of us, the holidays means that we have to figure out a way to get everyone gifts without completely breaking the bank. For 20 Somethings, that also means getting gifts at thrift stores and on Amazon so we can save as much money as possible. But there are ways to save money when gift-giving. Here are some ways to spend less this holiday season:

  • Don’t spend a lot of money on babies or small children - Really small kids won’t even remember what you got them for Christmas when they were one or two.
  • Don’t get more than a few gifts for children - Get three good ones at most and they’ll be happy.
  • Don’t go for the fancy Christmas outfit or pajamas - Go chapter with your holiday attire this year.
  • Don’t get gifts for every person in your extended family - Keep the gift-giving list short.
  • Don’t go crazy with travel accessories if you’re traveling - Pack light and keep your necessities to a minimum so you have more space and money for gifts on your journey

Spending a lot over the holidays is a trap we all fall into. Not to mention how hard it is to refrain from buying things for ourselves in all of that shopping!



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