Things You Should Never Include In Your Holiday Cards

posted by Dave DeVille -

It’s the time of year when we’re all sending holiday cards. Sometimes it’s just you and your family, but other times it’s you and your roommates or your significant other. There’s a right and wrong way to send a holiday card, though. Here are some of the things you should never include:

  • Bummers – Holiday cards are supposed to be upbeat and light. Don’t talk about your rough year in a holiday card.
  • Big news – Holiday cards aren’t the time to drop that crazy news you’ve been dying to share.
  • Gossip – Don’t gossip about the people in your life. Again, keep it upbeat!
  • TMI – Sometimes people really include too much info on their holiday cards.
  • Polarizing statements – No one wants to hear your political views at all really, let alone in a holiday card.
  • Chapters – Keep your holiday cards short and sweet.
  • Sarcasm – A lot of times, sarcasm is hard to pick up over a holiday card.
  • Financial info – Don’t let the world in on your financial struggles. KEEP IT UPBEAT.
  • Glitter – Let’s face it, glitter literally gets everywhere when you send it to people. Save your fam the glitter-ache.

Holiday cards should be light and fun. Keep the bummers out of your holiday spirit!

Source: PopSugar



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