How do you slice your toast? Believe it or not, the Internet has opinions

While it might be easy for some to see how politics, or a movie could potentially divide people on the Internet, but you wouldn't think the way you slice your toast could do the same. 

A tweet by an organized student night at Sheffield Hallam University, in Sheffield, England, has social media split on how to slice toast. Turns out people have very strongly held opinions on the matter.

Basically, it comes down to three choices -- or, more accurately, two choices and complete lunacy: a normal horizontal cut, a diagonal slice, or a third option: cutting lengthwise from top to bottom.

A spokesperson for Hallamnation told BuzzFeed that it has toast available at one of its biggest events, which raises money for The Children's Hospital Charity.  People who make a voluntary donation are rewarded with a slice of toast.

The British seem to have a more passionate relationship with toast than many other nations, but people from all over the world are weighing in on the matter.

"If you cut your toast [lengthwise from top to bottom] then I think something is actually wrong with you," opined one.


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