More Germs On The Tea Kettle Than Office Toilet

Initial Washroom Hygiene's study revealed that there's one place in particular just crawling with bacteria - do bacteria crawl?! - and we probably touch it every single day.

Sadly, the office teabag area is no longer sacred. It is in fact, pretty disgusting.

As opposed to the average bacterial reading for a toilet seat, which was 220, researchers found an average 3,785 germs on an office teabag. Bet you're really regretting that 10am brew right now aren't you?

And it might not just be the tea bag on your morning round that is at risk of making you ill. The research also found high readings on the other parts of the kitchen that are integral to tea making - kettle handles (2,483), used mug rims (1,746) and the handles of fridge doors (1,592).


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