Why We're So Bad At Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Let’s be honest with ourselves – holding onto your New Year’s resolutions is hard. Many of us will break them within the first six weeks – about 80% of us actually! Many of our resolutions have to do with being healthier in some way, and for some reason, it’s hard to stick to it. Why is that?? 

A study by Kaitlin Woolley from Cornell University found that whether or not we keep our New Year’s resolutions has to do with how enjoyable it will be for us to keep. And since most of our resolutions revolve around working out more or eating foods that aren’t as bad for us (and aren’t as good), these resolutions are hard to keep!

Give yourself a break if you haven’t stuck to your resolutions exactly. Let yourself cheat every now and again, because this stuff is hard, people!

Source: Insider

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