Brilliant Parenting Hack Helps Babies Self-Soothe While Sleeping

As sleep-deprived parents of infants, we all want our little ones to learn to sleep through the night so we can all get more shut-eye. And one mom may have found the smartest hack for making happen and it couldn’t be more simple.

It comes from Laura Gerson, who watched her three-month-old daughter, Amelia, on the video monitor struggling to find her pacifier in her crib after it fell out of her mouth. The mom watched on as her baby girl cried all night trying to find it. So since then, this clever mama has been putting the infant to bed with 10 pacifiers all around her, that way she can always find one.

Laura says she tried it out the next night and it worked, so she’s been doing it since. She says that 99% of the time, Amelia just wanted her pacifier to soothe her back to sleep and that when she has lots of them in there she’s quite calm and falls asleep with them in her hands, too.

The photo of baby Amelia surrounded by all her pacifiers and the sleep tip were shared by Laura on The Motherload Facebook group and it’s since gone viral, and we totally get why: Now that Amelia’s almost one, she’s sleeping between 12 and 13 hours a night! That’s any mom’s dream, so it’s worth a try, right, mamas?

Source: PopSugar

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