FB is out, "Instafficial" Is The New Relationship Status For 2018

Facebook has been around for so long now that your dad probably even has a Facebook. And for a long time, the way to let the world know that you’d found love, or at at least some attempt at it, was by updating your relationship status to “In a Relationship With” on Facebook, thereby making it Facebook official. But is that even the way people are announcing their romances these days?

Turns out, for most folks, Facebook official is no longer “en vogue,” so no one’s really filling that part of their profile out anymore. In 2018, the new way to announce your new bae is on Instagram, because Insta is the new Facebook. But they’re not filling out a relationship status on the social media site, they’re just posting a photo with their new S.O. on Insta and that’s the new “Facebook official.”

But since it’s on Instagram, not Facebook, they’re calling it “IPO” for Instagram post official. And no matter what you call it, it sends the message you’re together without having to declare anything. So it seems Facebook relationship statuses have had their heyday and now they’re over, like sending “pokes.”

Source: Elite Daily

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