Cat People Are Creative But Dog Owners Tend to Earn More

Do you consider yourself creative, enjoy a bit of classical music and still love an episode of “Seinfeld?” Chances are you’re a cat person, according to new findings.

A survey looking into the similarities and differences between dog and cat owners revealed cats and dogs may have more in common than their keepers.

From dieting and exercise trends to relationship and career choices, the survey of 1,000 dog owners and 1,000 cat owners by Mars Petcare shows dogs typically have a greater influence on their owners’ decisions than cats do.

The survey found that cat people fancy themselves more creative than dog people overall. Dog owners, however, tend to earn more money on average ($47,000 vs. $40,000), which could be linked to additional trends, with dog owners twice as likely to work in the financial field and cat owners being nearly four times as likely to work in creative fields.

The extra income may also help dog owners, as they tend to spend 33 percent more on clothing and accessories and 26 percent more on entertainment than cat owners.

Speaking of entertainment, cat people are more likely to take in a documentary and show a higher preference for musicals and indie films. Dog lovers are bigger fans of horror and action, but also indulge their romantic side a little more, scoring higher for both romcoms and romance movies.


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