Fitness Studios Get Creative To Attract Clients

While a lot of folks will just head to a regular old gym and hit the treadmill when they want to get in shape, these days more and more people are looking for unique ways to get themselves moving, and in some cases unique can actually be just plain odd.

Fancy fitness studios are becoming all the rage, and no doubt they have to stand out if they want to get folks to shell over their hard earned dollars to do something that probably isn’t all that fun. Because of that, a lot of studios are offering new approaches to working out. For example:

  • Shape House is described as a type of “urban sweat lodge,” where members pay to get wrapped up in a sleeping-bag-style infrared sauna wrap, which boosts circulation and increases heart rate, and all this while lying around and watching TV.
  • EMS studio Shock Therapy has clients hooked up to machines that send electricity to their muscles, which promotes muscle contractions, which could help tone the body faster.
  • Spiderbands members engage in body-weight exercises with stretchy bands that hang from the ceiling for resistance and support, which will allow folks to exercise without muscles becoming overly fatigued or joints getting too stressed. 
  • Beast Fitness Evolved provides members with a party atmosphere as they workout. While the classes are always changing, the gym sets a nightclub-like tone, with low lighting, a DJ who spins during classes and cool artwork on the walls.

Source: New York Post

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