The New Ice Bucket Challenge

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that got everyone to dump ice on them or donate money to raise awareness and support for ALS? Well now there’s another one to support the same good cause, but it’s way hotter this time.

The #ALSPepperChallenge requires you to eat a hot pepper of your choice and either endure the pain or donate money to an ALS charity. Then you get to nominate three people to take the challenge and they have 48 hours to complete it and pass it along.

The idea for this version of the ALS-supporting challenge came from Tom Haberstroh, former NBA insider for ESPN whose mother was recently diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disorder. There was a similar version back in the fall and they’re both encouraging more folks to give it a try, which means more money going to a good cause.

Source: Foodbeast

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