Delta Air Lines: Emotional Support Animals Crack Down

Delta Air Lines is tightening the leash on support animals taken aboard flights. Beginning March 1st, passengers who wish to take their support animal aboard a Delta flight must show proof of health and required animal vaccinations 48 hours in advance. Delta transports 700 service or emotional support animals every day.

In a statement, Delta says travelers with psychiatric support animals must also have a document confirming their pet can behave. According to the airline, the intention is to keep untrained and sometimes aggressive animals from traveling without a kennel in the cabin.

For the record, customers have reportedly attempted to fly with some exotic animals, including comfort turkeys, sugar gliders, possums, snakes, and spiders. As for what spawned the move, Delta says they’ve seen an 84% jump in “animal incidents” since 2016. That includes everything from bathroom accidents to biting and other issues. Animals who travel in underseat kennels are not affected by this rule.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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