Science Says Pushy Parents Ease Kids’ Anxiety

As parents, we feel our kids’ pain and try to protect them from it at all costs. And if our kid is worried - about anything from going to a new school to climbing the big-kid jungle gym for the first time - we want to help. But new research shows instead of trying to calm their nerves, we’d be helping them more by encouraging them to take risks.

A new study looked at preschoolers from England, the Netherlands and Australia and found that parents who “encourage children to push their limits are likely protecting their children from developing childhood anxiety disorders.” And it turns out, the pushier the parent is, the less anxious the kid is.

So encouraging your little ones to venture out of their comfort zones actually reduces their anxiety. That means it’s good to let them play rough and lose a game sometimes, and it’s also good to encourage them to feel confident in unfamiliar situations. Let your fear go and see how pushing your kid helps them relax and excel.

Source: PureWow

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