Need a Vacay? North Korea To Make Resort Out of Missile Test Site

Looking for some fun vacation ideas? North Korea has announced plans to turn a missile test site into a swanky resort. The announcement apparently coincides with plans for the Winter Olympics to have joint sporting and cultural events between North and South Korea.

The resort, to be built in the Kangwon area, is set to “satisfy the demand of domestic and foreign tourists,” and will supposedly put the country’s tourism on “world level.” The plans, according to the Sun, appear to be aimed at capitalizing on international publicity to come with the Winter Olympics and may stimulate North Korea’s economy.

There were no specifics provided about the resort except that it will include “famous sandy beaches.” And that's what makes the news even more entertaining - as the area has been used in the past for missile testing and there could be a chance the beach could still be impacted by gunfire.

Source: The Sun

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