Edible Gold Is The New Big Food Trend

There’s a new food trend hitting Instagram, and this one will seriously cost you. People are putting gold on foods – and then actually EATING them. It’s crazy if you really think about it. Here are some of the foods you can get that are covered in gold:

  • Gold pizza covered in 24k gold for $2,000
  • Gold bagel with white truffle cream cheese $1,000 (but the proceeds go to charity, so okay)
  • Gold grilled cheese for $214
  • Gold dusted chocolates for $10
  • Gold donut with champagne glaze for $100

Can you IMAGINE spending that much money on something you’re going to crap out later?? I certainly can’t. But if you’re into it – CLICK HERE to find out where/how to get these – and more food like them, in your belly.

Source: Insider


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