Being In A Relationship Can Change Your Taste Buds

If you never ate olives as a single lady but now that you’re a few months into a serious relationship you can’t get enough of them, science can explain why you’re a convert. A recent study published in Appetite journal reports that your smell and taste preferences can actually change over time to make you more in sync with your partner.

Researchers followed 100 couples who had been in a relationship for different amounts of time, from three months to 45 years and measured their responses to various smells and flavors. And it turns out, the longer people were together, the more alike their preferences were. And it was true across the board, regardless of relationship satisfaction.

So why do you become a fan of something just because your S.O. likes to eat it? “As partners share a household (including kitchen and fridge) and a significant proportion of meals,” the researchers explain, “they are more likely to eat similar types of food.”

And when you eat new ingredients regularly, like you might when you’re other half noshes on different things than you did, your taste preferences can change. So never say never to that cauliflower mac and cheese, one day you might find it delightful, just like your sweetie does.

Source: PureWow


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