Blogger: Yoga Was Designed to Cause a Demonic Trance

Yoga can definitely send you into a relaxed state, but a demonic trance? That's what Christian blogger Matt Walsh thinks. He even compares practicing yoga to "playing with a Ouija board" and that it was “designed” to send you into a "demonic trance."

“You may perform the moves without consciously seeking the demonic trance they were designed to help you attain," he writes. "Bbut it would seem you are playing, quite literally with fire.” He thinks of yoga as a pagan practice and though he doesn’t believe “all yoga practitioners go to hell,” doing so doesn’t necessarily get them into heaven. 

He even took his ideas to Twitter. As you can imagine, Walsh was met with backlash on the Internet, especially after referring to yoga as “the Hindu worship.”

Source: Daily Wire


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