Study: Tech Turn Off’s and Turn On’s

Do you find it sexy when your date has a virtual assistant in their home, like an Amazon Echo or Google home? According to a recent study by six in 10 singles (61 percent) say that a person who has an Amazon Echo or a Google Home in their house turns them on. Also having an older smartphone means you are 56 percent less likely to get a date than someone with a newer model. And even if you do get a date, you’d better have the right kind of smartphone. iPhone owners are 21 times more likely to judge an Android owner negatively and Android owners 15 times more likely to say “ick” to an iPhone owner. Oh, and if your phone screen is cracked, you might as well stay home: A 2017 survey found that 86 percent of women negatively judge a man who carried a smartphone with a broken screen.

  • Do you care if your date has an iPhone or Android? What about a cracked phone screen, is that a turn off?



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