Valentine’s Gifts Men Say They Really Want

There are only a few days left until February 14, so it’s time to get those Valentine’s gifts picked out. Shopping for guys for this holiday isn’t always easy, so if you’re still stumped about what to give your man this Valentine’s Day, here are a few suggestions from real dudes who answered a Reddit Ask Men about what they’d like to get from their Valentine.

  • For you to be grateful for whatever they give you - “Whatever else you give him, the best thing might be no pressure and your genuine enthusiasm or appreciation for what he gives you.”
  • For you to say nice things - “Tell him how romantic this is and how wonderful of a time you are having and be affectionate towards him and just make him feel loved, like he done good.”
  • A fellow anti-Valentine - “I’d just love for her to say ‘I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a stupid commercial holiday and we’re not going to celebrate it. Ever.”
  • Attention - “Breakfast in bed, hugs, little gifts, crazy sex, anything that shows I mean the world to her goes a looooong way.”
  • Something he hasn’t asked you for - “Anything he’s been asking you to do to him that you’ve not been interested in? Maybe sexually, maybe not.”
  • Something meaningful - “I prefer to get something meaningful. I don't want a video game or DVD that just about anyone could buy me. I want something thoughtful, that she bought because she just knew I'd like it as soon as she saw it."
  • A burger - "Treat him to a good burger and beer."

Source: Elite Daily


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