Dead Skin Cells Could Be Slowing Your Computer

This may be the grossest news you hear all day, but according to a Best Buy Geek Squad guy, the reason your computer is running so slowly could be your dead skin cells. It turns out, when it flakes off, it could be gunking up your computer. So in addition to temporary Internet files and unused apps, the skin you shed could be making it crawl along.

"A lot of dust, food, and other junk builds up in your computer and especially your fans inside your computer," Geek Squad’s Adam Silkeyexplains. "Those are what keeps your computer cool and keeps it speedy."

And that “dust” and “other junk” he’s talking about? It’s mainly dead skin. While it’s normal to shed skin cells, not using cans of compressed air regularly to spray off the buildup on your computer could eventually cause it to clog up the fan, Silkey says. And now that we know, let’s all give our keyboards a good wipe down with some Lysol wipes and spray our computers clean with compressed air. Sounds like they could all use it.

Source: Allure


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