Scheduling Sex Can Save A Marriage

Putting sex on the calendar doesn’t exactly sounds like the most romantic way to get together with your partner, but relationship experts say scheduling regular sex appointments can be good for busy couples. Research shows that sex is essential to a healthy relationship, so creating a way to make sure it happens is helpful.

Researchers from the University of Toronto studied 30,000 people and found that couples who had sex less than once a week were less happy in their partnerships. They also found sexual frequency was more important than having money when it comes to maintaining happy relationships.

Psychotherapist Fran Walfish advises scheduling sex for couples with kids under 10 and couples who have different “sexual appetites” and stressful jobs. Her recommendation for monogamous couples in a long-term relationship? Doing it once a week. She explains, “Once you go past seven days, then it’s very easy to say, ‘Oh, it’s been 10 days, oh, it’s been two weeks.’”

But Walfish warns not to whip out your planner when you and your sweetie make an appointment to get it on.“Writing it down gets too distant,” she says. “It shouldn’t be a contract like cleaning or chores.”

And the best reason to start scheduling sex to make sure you’re making time for it? Walfish says scheduled hookups can lead to unscheduled good times. “Sex can become intoxicating,” she says. “Once it’s scheduled, it becomes a part of your regular life. A lot of people can develop a desire for it once it becomes weekly.”

Source: NY Post


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