Family Eats 21 Year Old Cereal Sold To Them Monday

A family from Colorado had already taken a few bites of their Quaker 100% Natural Granola cereal when they noticed something peculiar about the box. The “best by” date was from February 22nd, 1997. Anthea and Josiah Carelse just purchased the Quaker cereal with oats, honey and raisins from a Littleton Walmart.

Anthea said she only had about two bites, while her husband Josiah ate a full bowl. “I just started eating and thinking, "It just tastes funny. It must be okay,'” said Josiah. Just to be sure, the two looked up the new Quaker cereal box and it was much different looking than the one they had purchased. The good news is neither of them got sick off the 21-year-old cereal, but they are returning the box to Walmart.

Source: Denver7


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