The Grossest Things People Admit They’ve Eaten

When writer Nicole Cliffe asked people on Twitter to tell her about the worst things they’ve ever eaten, you had to know it was going to get nasty. And the people of the Twitterverse did not disappoint. Here are some of the worst of the worst confessions.

  • “One time I was removing a tick from a dog and it burst. My mouth was open.”
  • “Mom, sister & I split a Ghirardelli Chocolate bar in the dark watching "Cheers" on TV. My dad came down for the last 1/4th, turned on the light, and realized it was crawling with maggots.”
  • “I got some kind of fancy organic salad mix, and it had a LIVE BEETLE that ‘DEFENSE MECHANISMED’ in my mouth.
  • “I used to watch my grandma’s father chew tobacco, and when I was a very small child, I thought I found some of his tobacco in the yard. It was goat poop.”
  • “Once got some powdered donuts from the local hole in the wall convenience store. Got home and my wife put one in her mouth only to discover the white powder was covered in fuzzy white mold.”
  • “There was the time I was at a party and we got food from a great Mexican place and the guacamole had a Band-Aid in it.”
  • “Sea cucumber. It tastes like the dirty sand at the bottom of the ocean, only 1000x more salty.”
  • “Cereal full of bugs. Like, cereal to bugs was literally 50/50.”

Source: Mamamia


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