Eyebrow Transplants Are A Thing

Eyebrows are still having a big moment. But since we weren’t all born with a set of brows like Cara Delevingne’s, some of us have to work a little harder to get the arches we want. Thankfully, there are powders, gels, and pencils to help our eyebrows out, and now there’s a new way the “follicly-challenged” are getting better brows: eyebrow transplants.

It sounds a little sci-fi, but the treatment just involves hair follicles being placed right into the brows to create a permanent and natural result. So it works like hair transplants, where they take hair from one part of the body - like the back of the head - and put it in another part of the body.

Then the hairs are trimmed to fit the preferred brow shape and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peter Paraskevas explains that they are very precise in the angle and placement of each and every hair follicle to give patients the most natural look. He says, “The aim of the procedure is to improve brow location, contour, and density.”

The most common side effects are swelling and bruising for a few days, but after a week, there’s usually no evidence of the procedure, other than new eyebrow hair. But like with any cosmetic procedure, know who you’re dealing with and ask the right questions before the procedure.

Source: Whimn


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