This creepy ‘cannibal’ chef

Cops in Latvia are now probing barmy Arturs Bērziņš's show after a flurry of complaints from disgusted viewers. THIS is the horrifying moment a crazed performance artist sliced flesh from the bodies of two assistants before frying it in a pan and FEEDING it to them on a bizarre live Facebook stream.

The 33-year-old artist staged the performance - named 'Eschatology' - on March 6th at a posh museum in capital Riga. Stomach-churning footage shows Bērziņš pulling on a white forensic suit before approaching two assistants with a scalpel.

He then cuts a chunk of meat from each of their backs without anaesthetic and frying it in a large black pan. He then forces each assistant to stand before dropping the fried flesh into their mouths. He then fried it in a pan and fed it back to his assistants. Authorities in the Baltic country are said to be probing the show - but bemused cops can't find anything illegal about it.

The show explores what would happen to humanity if global food stocks ran out.

It suggests that people will resort to cannibalism in the face of extinction.


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