Company looking to create meteor showers on demand

A Japanese firm that is billing itself as the world's first "aerospace entertainment company" is looking to launch into space small satellites that will let it create meteor showers on demand for special events and wealthy clients.

While naturally occurring meteor showers look dramatic, the bits of space junk or other debris that cause them are tiny -- often little more in size than grains of sand.

Astro Live Experiences satellites would recreate this by discharging tiny metallic pebbles into low Earth orbit.  The pebbles will turn into brilliant streaks as they burn up in the atmosphere over the buyer's desired region.

ALE was created by University of Tokyo astronomer Lena Okajima; he originally conceived the "sky canvas" project as a potential opening act for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The company says it intends to undertake its first tests in 2019, with "on demand" meteor showers.

However, there are those that think this isn't such a great idea, considering how many satellites, and how much space junk, are already in Earth orbit.  As you read this, a Winnebago-sized derelict Chinese space station is currently hurtling towards Earth, and its point of impact is still unknown.


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