More people die from taking selfies than sharks

It’s no mystery why people are afraid of sharks. “Jaws,” “Shark Week,” the fact that they are literally evolutions perfectly designed killer… but the truth is, more people die from taking selfies than sharks!

Zachary Crockett over at Priceonomics recently sifted through all the news stories from around the world and broke down the facts and figures into a series of charts that offers a clearer picture of where and how selfie fatalities occur. After searching through 3 years of news stories, he found that 49 people have died from selfies since 2014, that 75% of the victims are male, and that the average age is just 21 years old.

  • Have you ever injured yourself taking a selfie and what were you doing?
  • Have you ever witnessed someone injuring themselves taking a selfie, and given that they were okay, how hilarious was it?


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