People Are Using Pornhub's Comments Section For Advice

People will turn anywhere for advice when they’re desperate for some wisdom – even Pornhub. Yeah, I’m super serious. And they’re not getting the advice you’d think they’d be getting. Pornhub users have noticed a thread in the comments section from a dude that’s just sad and misses his ex to another guy who wants a little cooking help.

And you know what? People actually stepped up and offered REAL advice.

  • “Hang in there g, only time can help,” one user offered.
  • Another user posted, “Can someone please help me make a nice lasagna for my niece’s 7th birthday?” Yup, they got that, too.

You’d think people cruising for good porn would just ignore comments like these, but you’d be wrong.

In fact, the lasagna ask got so many responses, it would be impossible for that guy to have made a bad dish. There are tons of other users asking for advice, too, and you can see them all HERE. If you’re already on the site, I guess you might as well reach out to other users for help in your everyday life, right??

Source: Metro


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