Walmart Sells “Funeral Potatoes”

Have you ever heard of “Funeral Potatoes?” Neither had most of the Internet, so everyone was confused when a Walmart Facebook ad for the mysterious bagged item called “Funeral Potatoes” appeared in their feed.

One Twitter user took the ad personally, asking, “Is Facebook’s algorithm threatening me?” But it turns out, Funeral Potatoes are like potatoes au gratin. They’re made from shredded potatoes, onions, butter, cheddar cheese and sour cream, according to the “Wall Street Journal.” And the beloved casserole is a staple at church functions, like funerals, so that’s where the name comes from, but they’re mostly only called that in Utah and other Mormon areas.

But some folks swear they are good enough to die for, or something like that. “They are SO good,” a woman from Utah tweets. “I would baptize a bunch of dead people right now for a plate of funeral potatoes.”

Source: New York Post


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