This is how people have actually joined the Mile High Club

posted by Dave DeVille - 

We recently told you the best ways to join the Mile High Club, according to flight attendants, but have you ever wondered how many people actually have been able to get a little somethin’ somethin’ midair? Well, a new poll finds it’s probably not nearly as many people as you think.

A survey by the matchmaking site Saucy Dates reveals that while 78% of people say they want to join the Mile High Club, only 5% actually have. And of those who’ve gotten lucky in the skies, 40% got some nookie with a partner, 30% hooked up with a stranger, 18% did it with a crew member and 15% got lucky with a friend.

So, where is all this sex in the air actually happening? Well, not surprising, 59% of Mile High Club members got in after having sex in the bathroom, while 31% got it on in the seats. But while those may seem like the only real options, 9% actually admit to having sex in the galley, while 1% actually did it in the cockpit. 

Of course not everyone actually got away clean after having sex on a flight. While 86% of folks didn’t get caught, another 14% did, and where you try to get it on may play a role in whether you get nabbed. The poll finds that 13% of those having toilet sex got caught, while 14% of those in the seats, 30% of those in the kitchen and 27% of those in the cockpit were nabbed.

Source: The Daily Mail


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