Yay Or Nay: Mayochup

Heinz Ketchup is proposing combining ketchup and mayonnaise into one bottle -- but it won't pull the trigger on this culinary Frankenstein's monster that will be named Mayochup until the company gets a half-million votes to do from Americans online.

Many already combine the two on burgers, and regionally, the combination has become known as "Fry Sauce," but Heinz is looking to catch lighting in a bottle -- or, more accurately, ketchup and mayo in a bottle -- and has left it up to American consumers to decide if the company should.

"Heinz Mayochup will not be launched in the U.S. unless we get 500K votes, Nicole Kulwicki, Director of Marketing for Heinz said in a statement. "We look to America’s condiment lovers to tell us if this is something they want or if they prefer to remain Heinz Mayonnaise and Ketchup purists."  

Incidentally, we discovered the combo is already bottled by the company, but it is only sold in the Middle East.

That may change. 

According to Heinz' Twitter poll, Mayochup is well on its way to becoming a thing Stateside: as of press time, 350,000 votes were logged in a single day, with 56% of those in favor of the hybrid condiment. The polls close this weekend.


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