Parents Willing To Pay Someone Else To Change Their Kids’ Diapers

What started as an April Fool’s Day joke on a parenting site in the U.K. has turned into an actual service, because parents have had enough. connects parents with childcare providers, but for April Fool’s, they make a joke about a new business: “The world’s first on-demand Uber-style” diaper-changing service. And even though it was clearly a joke, parents wanted in.

The funny Facebook post said “We’re always looking for ways to make parents’ lives easier” and promised to send responders to your diaper-related emergencies. “Available anywhere, anytime.” The site says they were “inundated with comments from people who thought it was genuinely a great idea.”

And it turns out, a lot of people would pay to not have to deal with a blowout diaper or a gag-worthy “poonami.” So decided to make it happen. Now “Nappy 999” is a real service that will get parents diaper-changing backup within 10 minutes for just $7.16 per change, and that includes a new diaper and disposal of the dirty one.

Sadly, this is only being offered across the pond in the U.K., so baby wranglers here in the U.S. will have to keep doing the dirty work themselves. For now, anyway.

Source: The Stir

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