Mistakes You're Making At Fancy Restaurants

We’re just a bunch of kids in adult costumes, really. We all feel that way, and we all know it. And one time when we really know our kid sides are showing? Is when we’re in a fancy restaurant – so if you want to go, ya gotta look like you belong. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid:

  • Putting your keys, phone, or wallet on the table.
  • Eating off of each other’s plates.
  • Buttering the bread all at once.
  • Ordering more courses than everyone else.
  • Asking for substitutions.

And here are some things you can remember while you’re there:

  • Dress code – Take in the moment you’re getting to really dress up for the occasion.
  • Napkins – Make sure you’re gently unfolding and placing your napkins, not waving them around (or tucking them in your shirt).
  • Cutlery and glassware – Start on the outside and work your way in for forks. As for your glasses, the taller glass is for your wine.

It can be really tough to figure out how you’re supposed to act at a fancy restaurant. A lot of times, you feel so uncomfortable being somewhere so out of your price range, you can’t really focus on anything else anyway. Deep breaths! We CAN be adults! 

Source: Fashionbeans


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