One Kid's Revenge On Mom: Taking A Trip To Bali On Mommy’s Card

You have to give kids credit when they do amazing things. But when those "amazing" things are more on the audacious side? Well, that's something else - and that's what an Australian family is dealing with after their 12-year-old took things way too far after an argument with his parents.

Apparently, he didn’t like hearing the word “no” from his mom. So the boy - identified as "Drew" (not his real name) - tricked his nana into giving him his passport, and he took Mom’s credit card and bought himself a ticket to Bali. Wait, what? Yup.

And because he’s 12, he’s allowed to travel alone with a passport and student ID. As the story goes, 'Drew' told his folks he was off to school, then took a train to the airport, hopped a flight out of the country, and landed in Denpasar for a four-day adventure on his mom’s dime - nice hotel and all. Of course, mom also had to pay to go get him. Is he sorry? Not even a little, saying: “It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

Source: News 9 Australia


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