One Kid's Revenge On Mom: Taking A Trip To Bali On Mommy’s Card

posted by Dave DeVille - 

You have to give kids credit when they do amazing things. But when those "amazing" things are more on the audacious side? Well, that's something else - and that's what an Australian family is dealing with after their 12-year-old took things way too far after an argument with his parents.

Apparently, he didn’t like hearing the word “no” from his mom. So the boy - identified as "Drew" (not his real name) - tricked his nana into giving him his passport, and he took Mom’s credit card and bought himself a ticket to Bali. Wait, what? Yup.

And because he’s 12, he’s allowed to travel alone with a passport and student ID. As the story goes, 'Drew' told his folks he was off to school, then took a train to the airport, hopped a flight out of the country, and landed in Denpasar for a four-day adventure on his mom’s dime - nice hotel and all. Of course, mom also had to pay to go get him. Is he sorry? Not even a little, saying: “It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

Source: News 9 Australia


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