Hopkins' Surgeons Complete First Total Genital Transplant

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore say they've completed the world's first successful transplant involving a total penis, scrotum and abdominal wall. The recipient? A combat soldier, who had been badly maimed by an I-E-D blast in Afghanistan.

Docs have confirmed that he has recovered from the 14-hour surgery last month and could be released from Hopkins this week. Doctors say they are hopeful they've been able to restore near-normal urinary and sexual functions for the young man, who wishes to remain anonymous. Similarly, the family of the deceased donor is maintaining their anonymity.

“It’s a real mind-boggling injury to suffer, it is not an easy one to accept,” the recipient says in a statement. “When I first woke up, I felt finally more normal… with a level of confidence as well. Confidence… like finally I’m okay now.”

Source: Johns Hopkins Hospital


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