Survey: One in five people hate their boss

Hate your boss? You're not alone. A new survey from the animal charity SPANA polled 2,000 workers in the U.K. and quizzed them about what they didn't like about their supervisor. Turns out, it's a lot.

While the poll questioned worker drones from over the Pond, the results are pretty universal: 40% of those polled thought their boss was bad at their job, and 1/3 thought they'd do a better job than their manager.  A fifth of those polled said their manager was the worst part of their job -- easily outpacing the headaches of commuting -- and one in four said they look forward to their boss' vacation more than they looked forward to their own.

The survey also ranked the top 50 traits employees hate about their bosses.  The number-one gripe?  Poor communication skills.  Other unpleasant traits to range from being ungrateful, to bad breath.  Here's the entire list:1. Doesn’t communicate well2. I think they’re inconsistent3. Sets their own rules4. Doesn’t understand my work5. I think they’re incompetent6. Patronizes me7. Sets a bad example8. Never says thank you9. Says one thing and does another10. Has mood swings11. I think they’re passive aggressive12. Brings their personal life to work13. Obviously favors another member of staff14. Makes me feel stupid15. Delegates too much work to me16. Never gives praise or feedback17. Doesn’t actually do any work18. Assumes I’m happy to do their work as well as my own19. I think they’re overpaid20. They think I’m a mind reader21. I think they’re tight with pay rises22. Sucks up to their own boss23. Takes credit for other people’s work24. Gives out banter but can’t take it25. Makes me feel guilty for taking time off26. Doesn’t have my back27. Leaves early every day28. I think they’re tight with bonuses29. I think they’re unqualified for the job30. Works from home all the time31. Always picks on one member of staff32. Has annoying catchphrases33. Has bad breath34. Calls me in the evening when I’m not working35. Listens in to everyone’s conversations in the office36. Repeats the same phrases and jokes over and over again37. Tells me off in front of everyone instead of in a meeting room38. Asks for my opinion then claims it as their own39. Calls me at weekends when I’m not working40. Makes unfunny jokes41. Expects everyone to turn up on time when they’re always late42. Awful dress sense43. Blames me for things they’ve done wrong44. Calls me when I’m on vacation45. Always talks about previous successes46. Farts47. I think they’re very scruffy48. Always expects a tea/coffee but never/rarely makes one themselves49. I think they’re sexist50. Bores everyone with their vacation photos and anecdotes


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