Yes, Seniors Are Having Plenty Of Sex

posted by Dave DeVille -

While you may not want to think about your mom and dad still having, just know that they are, and your grandparents probably are too.

A new survey finds that 40% of Americans ages 65 to 80 are having sex, and that number goes up to 54% among seniors with spouses or partners. What’s more, 73% of them say they are satisfied with their sex life. Broken down in age groups, 46% of those between 65 and 70 are sexually active, while 39% of those 71 to 75 and 25% of those 76 to 80 say the same.

The survey also finds that while older men say they are more sexually active and interested (50%) than older women (31%), women are actually more sexually satisfied (43% of women vs. 31% of men). Health also plays a role in whether folks were having sex, with 45% of those sexually active saying they are in good or excellent health, while only 22% of those in poor health say the same.

  • And yes, some seniors are getting a little help to, well, get it on. Overall, 18% of senior men say they use medications or supplements to improve their sexual function, while only 3% of women do.

Source: USA Today



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