These Are Jobs With The Most Psychopaths

We’ve all dealt with them – someone who is just so crazy that we don’t know how we’ll possibly deal. But guess what? It turns out all of the crazies in our lives are getting pretty much the same jobs. And it’s not for no reason either. There are a ton of qualities of lunatics that make them good for certain jobs like their fearlessness and charisma.

Here are the jobs with the nuttiest people:

  • Civil servant
  • Chef
  • Clergy person
  • Police officer
  • Journalist
  • Surgeon
  • Salesperson
  • Media person in TV or radio
  • Lawyer
  • CEO

Yep, you heard that correctly. Most of the worlds psychopaths are cops and surgeons. That’s exactly who you want to hand a gun and a scalpel too, right??

Source: Business Insider


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