Couple Goes To Court To Throw Out Their Adult Son

We have all heard that over 40-percent of adult children in their 20s and 30s still live with family. Well, one couple can’t take it anymore.

A Syracuse, New York couple is turning to the New York Supreme Court in their effort to boot their grown son out of the house. Christina and Mark Rotondo say their 30-year-old son Michael has lived there, rent free, for eight years and they're done.

Michael doesn’t help out, has no job, and is a big drain his parents. They they even resorted to giving their son five written notices telling him to move out. In one note they even offered to give him 11-hundred dollars and offered advice for moving along with a promise of help from his mother in finding a new place.

The family is due back in court this week, just before Michael's 31st birthday.Source: CBS Philly


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