Staying Single Key To Longevity, According To 106-Year-Old Woman

When we’re lucky enough to come across someone who’s lived a long life and is still around to tell us about it, we like to know the secret to their success. And for Madeline Dye, a 106-year-old woman in the UK, she says the key to longevity is single life.

Dye was born in 1912 and was a bookbinder until she retired, and in her many years on Earth, one thing she’s never had is a boyfriend. So the 106-year-old says she’s enjoyed a long life because she “avoided the stresses” that can come with relationships and marriages.

According to Dye’s niece, Diana Heaton, her aunt didn’t even live in a nursing home until she had a bad fall at 103. She has always been independent and still walks without a cane now. Dye gets herself dressed and hangs out and socializes with other residents in the common room Heaton says she’s never lost her great sense of humor.

“Whenever anyone asks her about her past romances or if she has a husband, she says, ‘I’ve never had one, that’s why I’m this age’” Heaton explains. But Dye’s long life could also have something to do with the daily two-mile walk she took to work, up a steep hill, which she did a couple times a day.

Source: New York Post


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