EEEW. Cockroach Lays Eggs In Man's Ear

Imagine waking up to not your alarm but to the sound of a cockroach making its way into you ear. That's exactly what happened to Blake Collins in Tallahassee one day. 

“A roach was burrowing inside of my head," he told the Tallahassee Democrat. "I could hear his legs inside me. It felt like someone was shoving a Q-tip all the way inside my head and there was nothing I could do to stop it."

Collins and his husband have been dealing with a roach infestation in their apartment near Florida State University for months. He reports that the bugs would appear on their bed, in light bulb sockets, and in their dog's food bowl. Eventually, one roach made it inside Collins' ear.

Once at the hospital, the doctors attempted to kill the bug. 

"I heard it die in my head," Collins said. "When he poured the lidocaine in, I could feel him go super, super fast, kicking and try to dig its way out, and a faint little squeal and then two minutes later, it just stopped and he died."

The doctor even explained that the roach laid an egg inside his ear. 

After the harrowing incident, Collins and his husband have finally moved away from the infestation into a cleaner apartment. 

"Bugs crawling and dying in your ear — that's something that happens to corpses, not human beings," Collins said.

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