Baby's First Word: Alexa

It’s something every parent will remember forever- their child’s very first word. For some its mama or dada, for Joe Brady, it was Alexa. That’s right- as in Amazon Alexa and in this day in age it was bound to happen sometime. His parents Lottie Ledger and Mark Brady say it all started when little Joe wanted to activate Amazon’s Alexa.

“It was one of the few things he could get a reaction from at that time,” Lottie tells Caters News Agency. “Alexa would say ‘Sorry, I didn’t get that.’” Joe overheard his parents use the assistant for help and after that it was game over. “One day he managed it. We thought it was funny at first so we encouraged it,” Lottie offers. “He actually said Alexa before he said Mum or Dad.”

Thankfully Joe didn’t get too consumed by the latest in technology. His parents say he’s actually really obsessed with cars and can’t be bothered with Alexa anymore. That may be best considering psychologist Aric Sigman believes it could’ve lead to a technology addiction. Aric notes, “Early intensive exposure may be setting the infants and toddlers up for an addiction that could appear later.”

Source: New York Post


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