Especially Millennials - Would Rather Stay Home And Drink

You might think that young people love to go out and party every night, spending their money on food and drinks, but you're wrong. A new survey says that’s not the case at all. In fact, a great deal of them would rather stay home and drink, basically because they're lazy.

While that may sound depressing, it’s not like they’re drinking alone. The Mintel Report survey finds that overall 55% of people prefer to drink at home, while 28% of those 24 to 31 say they’d rather stay home and drink because “it takes too much effort to go out.”

As for specific reasons folks prefer to stay home and imbibe, 74% say it’s because it takes away the pressure of having to wait for a table, get a bartender’s attention or dress in party clothes. What’s more, 35% think drinking at home with friends is a more personal than doing so in a loud bar or restaurant. But isn't it safer, too?

Money, of course is also an issue, with 69% of folks saying it’s much cheaper to drink at home since you aren’t paying such high markups for drinks, while 38% say they control their drinking more when they are at home. Really? No driving? I’d think they’d drink more. 

Source: Moneyish


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