Survey says more than half of all Millennials expect to become millionaires

Employers have complained that hiring millennials can be frustrating because, they complain, the new hires expect too much of their jobs.  A new study from TDAmeritrade seems to bear this out -- it reveals that more than half of millennials surveyed were confident they'd eventually become millionaires. 

This confidence comes in an age where millennial-aged celebrities have become rich and famous for seemingly being themselves.  But in reality --as opposed to reality TV -- millions of millennials are saddled with crushing student debt, which in many cases was spent getting degrees that are only nominally useful.

And, while 17% of those born between 1982 and 2000 say they still receive financial support from their parents, "Young people are optimistic about the future," according to J.J. Kinahan, chief strategist for TD Ameritrade. 

"On average, survey respondents expect to land a job in their chosen field and be completely financially independent by age 25," he continues.

"This is a financially optimistic group that's feeling positive about the economy, the job market and their own plans. Their youthful energy combined with countless success stories of young people in the media, likely inspires them to think big when it comes to their earning potential."


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